30 Design Vintage Kitchens Ideas Remodel

30 the most vintage kitchens you've ever seen (21)

Built in china cabinets were fairly common in vintage kitchens and not just in luxury homes. I’ve lived in three relatively modest 1920’s apartments that still had them. And, when the kitchen didn’t have them, sometimes the dining room or butler’s… Continue Reading


70 Small Bathroom Ideas Remodel For Apartment

Top 70 vintage bathroom trends for 2017 (54)

If you want to style your bathroom along the traditional lines, Rejuvenation is the online place to go. I’ve bought stuff from them and have always been pleased. Here, a pair of electric wall bracket lights is on either side… Continue Reading


30 Rustic Bathroom Remodel Ideas

30+ decorative rustic storage projects for your bathroom (16)

When you hear about “rustic”, I want you to let go of the idea that this décor type is without style or sophistication. In fact, rustic decor can be absolutely beautiful, trendy and eye-catching, especially if you like natural materials,… Continue Reading