60 Smart Solution Minimalist Foyers Decorating Ideas

Smart solution minimalist foyers decorating ideas (45)

The entryway or foyer is one of the most important areas to decorate in any home. Part of the reason is that, no matter what size home you have, it’s virtually guaranteed that you have some sort of entryway that ushers you, your family and your guests from the outside in. Whether it’s a grand foyer or a small door that opens directly into a studio apartment, if you’ve got a door you’ve got an entryway.

The other thing that makes foyers so important is that they are always the first space you experience as you come into your space. So the decor, tone and mood of your entryway should not only connect with those same attributes in the rest of your decor, but with your own mood as well. However you choose to decorate, the fact remains that entryways, or foyers – whichever you prefer – come in all shapes and sizes and sometimes they can be difficult to decorate. And whatever form of decor you need to ensure that your entryway makes you smile, relax or get excited the moment you walk through the door, it’s important that it be warm, welcoming, and functional. 

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