60 Colorful Kitchen Ideas Remodel

60 of the most inspiring colorful kitchen (36)

While it’s true that some of us may be a little color shy, it’s never a bad idea to think about how you can add a dose of bright tones to liven up your interior. One of the more interesting and unusual places to bring color home is in the kitchen. While you may be thinking about a colorful backsplash or maybe even a few candy-hued appliances, there is another place where you can make a big impact with your favorite shades: your kitchen cabinets. Whether sleek and modern or tailored andtraditional, kitchen cabinets are the perfect unexpected place for a cool color splash. Here are a few of our favorite shades for turning ordinary kitchen cabinetry into something to remember.

First things first. If you’re looking to spark some visual interest, particularly without giving a lot of space to your color choice, yellow is a great place to start. The sunny hue is perfect for the kitchen. In this modern white space, it adds a punch of color, adding a little fashion to the function of this meal prepping area, while taking the whole kitchen up a notch. 

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