50 Super Scandinavian Ideas for Your Home Library

50 super scandinavian ideas for your home library (66)

Kristin Hillery is a design-obsessed writer and photographer based in Austin, Texas. Currently the editor of Modernize, Kristin has written for Apartment Therapy, That Other Paper, The Onion A.V. Club, and was a contributing author to the humor book, “Please Fire Me.”

Deep inside, we all have a dream home. For those of us without degrees in architecture, those homes are often built from movies. Remember that scene in Beauty and the Beast? The one where the Beast leads Belle into the mansion’senormous library. He opens the curtains to let in some light, and when she finally opens her eyes she’s nearly speechless. Ever since I first saw that movie as a child, my dream home has always included a library, though not necessarily the really hairy, moody guy that came with it in the movie.

It’s fun to sit and dream. It’s, even more, fun to find ways to make our dreams part of our daily reality. While most of us don’t live in a 60 room castle, it’s still possible to find a spot in your home for a library nook. Even if it’s somewhat less expansive than the several-stories-tall wonder depicted in the movie, a library nook adds an undeniable note of charm to a home while providing a cozy, inviting spot to sit and read just like we dreamt about.

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