90 Awesome Front Door Farmhouse Entrance Decor Ideas

90 awesome front door farmhouse entrance decor ideas (93)

With such a cheery, sprawling exterior, the front door needs to draw attention and dark paint does the trick. This black door catches the eye, even when it rests in shadow from the portico overhead. Be sure to use durable exterior paint for this project. Even storm doors cannot protect interior paint from the damaging effects of thunderstorms and normal wear and tear. Slim-line, wall-mounted lanterns ensure that guests are bathed in warm light.

It doesn’t get much more classic than black shutters on a white house, and a black-painted door rounds out the timeless scheme. Windows on the door allow sunlight to stream inside even when the door is closed. For curb appeal that’s not too modern, stick with a matte paint instead of a glossy finish.

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