60 Glamorous Dream Master Bedroom Decor Ideas

60 glamorous dream master bedroom decor ideas (42)

The master bedroom should be your oasis of calm. Historically, the master bedroom was a formal place where the lady of the house received her close female friends for social visiting. As such, her room was richly appointed as befitted a public space. Of course, those days are long gone. After all, who has time to lounge in bed chit chatting? Well, in fact, this is something we still do. Only it’s via an Internet connection and our handy laptops, smart phones or iPads.

Too often, our master bedrooms are the last places we think of decorating, and they can actually become the dumping ground of mismatched, nearly cast-off furniture. Just because we rarely actually still entertain in our rooms doesn’t mean that we don’t deserve special treatment. After all, if you’re in the master, then you’re likely the one paying all the bills and working hard to be able to pay the bills. Why shouldn’t your bedroom be special? You deserve it!

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